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Margin Cost Calculator

Margin can help you further leverage the power of your portfolio. With our Margin calculator,1 it can be easy to understand your borrowing costs and buying power, whether that’s purchasing securities or just having more cash on hand.

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How much can I buy or borrow
using margin?

How much will it cost me?

See how Axos Invest rates compare to a few of our competitors.3

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Axos Elite is our top tool for the modern investor. Members get 20% off options trades, our lowest margin rates, extended trading hours, instant trade settlement credit, and unlimited TipRanks™ research access.

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Use Margin to Empower
Your Investing Approach

Margin trading allows investors to borrow against the value of the securities they already own. This short-term line of credit could help increase your portfolio’s total buying power, get extra cash, and purchase additional shares.