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Axos Elite

Supercharge your investing with our premium research membership program. Get real-time market data and analysis through TipRanks™ plus margin trading, lower fees, and extended trading hours.

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Discover Axos Elite benefits.

Enhanced Market Knowledge

Use real-time market data to identify your ideal time to buy or sell a stock at your desired price.

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TipRanks Market Research

TipRanks is a platform that collects, appraises, and ranks the stock recommendations from thousands of financial analysts, based on accuracy and performance. It includes trending stock data by sector and other tools including stock scores, portfolio trackers, and the ability to track your favorite experts’ advice.

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clock icon Extended Trading Hours

As an Axos Elite member you can trade until 7:00 p.m. ET. That’s 60 more trading hours every month!

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With an Axos Bank account, move your money instantly and trade on demand with faster access to your funds.

dollar bills icon Lower Fees

Axos Elite customers enjoy lower fees on options trading than with basic Self-Directed Trading accounts.

graph icon Margin Trading

Margin trading* increases your purchasing power and access to market opportunities.

Axos logo Basic Self-Directed Trading Account Axos
Elite Account
Price $0 $10 per month
Trade Fee Free Free
Option trading $1.00 per contract $0.80 per contract
Margin trading n/a Yes @5.5%*
Fully paid lending n/a Coming soon...
Trading hours Standard NYSE Extended market hours (7:00pm ET)
Research n/a TipRanks research reports
Real-time market data n/a Yes
Lending n/a Coming soon…
Trade Settlement Credit (Instant) n/a Yes

Get the Axos Elite Experience.