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Buy’ em. Sell ‘em. It’s up to you with Self-Directed Trading.

Stocks are often considered the most common type of security for investment. They have the potential to create income through dividends and long-term appreciation. Buy and sell stocks on our easy-to-use platform, designed to help execute your orders.


Get the skinny on exchange-traded funds (ETFs).


With exchange-traded funds you’re investing into a basket of securities like stocks, bonds, and commodities.


Currently $0 per trade*. ETFs typically charge lower management fees than professionally managed mutual funds.


ETFs are typically bought and sold like stocks. They can be bought on margin, sold short, and purchased at intraday prices.


Whether it’s a specific industry, sector, region, or a cause that matters to you, ETFs expand beyond investing in a single company.

Mutual Funds

Find the fund aligned with your goals.

If variety is the spice of life, season your portfolio with 10,000+ no-load mutual funds to consider. Depending on the fund, you can invest in various securities structured to match its selected investment objective. Diversification and convenience at your fingertips.

Access advanced investing tools.

Sign up for Axos Elite to access even more powerful self-directed trading tools, real-time market data, and TipRanks™ market research.

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