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Self-Directed Trading Overview

No-Commission* Trading?
No Brainer.

We get it: You just need a platform that lets you do you.

That’s why we offer Self-Directed Trading. It starts with commission-free* equity trading (other fees may apply1) and keeps getting better: an easy-to-use platform with the tools you need and the convenience of placing trades anytime, anywhere.

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Looking for more?

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Self-Directed Trading, the Axos way.

When you open a Self-Directed Trading account, you get access to our easy-to-use trading platform, commission-free* equity and exchange-traded funds, and 10,000+ mutual funds.

Other fees may apply.1

But that’s not all.

Axos Bank offers digital banking services that other brokers can’t. Your online profile is a unified financial dashboard, where you can see ALL your accounts in one place.

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Step it up with Axos Elite.

Upgrade to Axos Elite and boost your account with instant access to funds, lower fees, increased buying power, and enhanced market knowledge. With a monthly subscription, members get access to:

checkmark Real-time market data
checkmark Expert insights and premium
TipRanks™ market research
checkmark Extended market hours (7:00 p.m. ET.)
checkmark Margin trading
checkmark Advanced trading options with lower fees
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Getting down to brass tacks.

Check out our pricing and fees.

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$0 per trade*

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$0 per trade

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$1.00 per contract

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Mutual Funds

$9.95 per trade (no-load)

We have you covered.

Whether you’re an experienced trader or new to investing, Axos Invest’s Self-Directed Trading platform can help you reach your financial goals. In just minutes, you can access real-time market research data and execute your trades exactly as you decide.

Trading securities can be a bit like getting into a swimming pool. Some people cannonball into the deep end, while others prefer to take it one step at a time. No matter how you take the plunge, Axos Invest has you covered. Our Self-Directed Trading platform accommodates both experienced traders and those who just want to get their feet wet. We offer a streamlined platform that's simple to navigate, but still has all the resources to execute trades efficiently. It only takes a few clicks to access real-time market research data to help inform your investment decisions. When you're ready, execute your trades exactly how you decide. If you are an Axos Bank customer, you'll have the luxury to check your portfolio, pay your bills and even transfer money between accounts, all from your personalized dashboard. Axos Invest offers access to a wide range of investment choices, including stocks, ETFs, options, and Fully Paid and Margin Lending. Open an account to start trading today.


Accounts for Everyone

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Individual taxable accounts for standard investing needs.

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Accounts for spouses, relatives, or besties to invest together.

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Invest in your future with a retirement account.
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About Self-Directed Margin Accounts

All customers start out with margin account, although you need to subscribe to Axos Elite to activate margin trading capability. Even if you never borrow money in your account, this account type is still classified as a “margin” account from a regulatory standpoint. As a result, it will appear as such on your annual tax documents and monthly account statements. Customers can opt out of a margin trading account at any time by sending us a secure message after logging in to their account.

Trade Your Way

Open an account in just a few minutes and start trading immediately.

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